How to take a Great Corporate Headshot/ Business Portrait

Taking the time and certain considerations will lead you to a great looking Corporate/Business head shot. The write photo can improve your business image. Having your picture on a company website is now becoming a normal practice. We are dealing with people from all over the globe on a daily basis and we want to have some personal connection. Your headshot is the first impression people will have of you. Using your old passport photo will not do.

Some very simple things to remember: wear clean pressed clothes. It seems silly to say but many people have come to my studio with wrinkled suits and shirts. Cameras don’t lie. Although it is true stains and wrinkles can be removed you may not want to forgo the extra cost for the retouching.

  1. Wear neutral colors. Shades of blue and gray are perfect choices. These colors usually compliment different background types. They also make the photo more versatile, allowing you to use it for different purposes. Where as a strong color like red or purple may deem a photo inappropriate for some situations. When possible discuss with the photographer choice of background. Also, a white shirt is usually the most professional. Colored shirts can be distracting and draw attention away from your face.
  2. Get a hair cut. A neat appearance is key. Focus will be on your face. Try to make your headshot appointment early in the day while you are still fresh. Especially for men beards start to grow in towards the end of the day. If you must have your photo taken at the end of the day make sure you shave. Your local barber shop will be happy to give you a quick shave so you look your best in your photo. Women in the same respect should have their makeup properly applied. Accessories play a big part in photographs for women. Stay away from unusual or striking jewelry. These photos are to be a tasteful representation of yourself. Save the big gold hoop earings for the picture with your friends. Pearls photograph nicely as well as small gold earings. The intention is to accent you features not overpower them.
  3. Above all do not be tense. It will show in the photos. When a client comes to Photo Mission we try to make them part of the process that way it doesn’t seem like a chore. We truly want our clients to enjoy their experience at our studio. Convey a genuine and personable feeling in your headshot. Potential clients or potential employers may look for certain characteristics in a person which will be conveyed through your photo. If you are a criminal attorney you may not want to have a big smile in your photo. In the same respect if you are an event planner you do not want to appear as if you are in a bad mood.

So remember, personal appearance, clean pressed clothes, men should shave, wear neutral colors. Discuss basic backgrounds with your photographer, stay relaxed and try to convey who and what you want the world to see.